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Clients can Click Here to make a payment using paypal or their credit or debit card

How do I make my album?

First step to getting your wedding album is to watch this quick and easy tutorial for selecting the images you would like included in your album.

How many photos can I choose for my album?

When choosing your images for your album please remember that the fewer images you choose the larger the images will appear in the album. You are always welcome to add pages to your album to accommodate all your amazing images!

Here are some guidelines for photo selections in our most common albums included in our packages:


6x6, 20 Page Parent Albums: 40-50

8x8, 20 Page Couples/Parent

Albums: 50-60

10x10, 30 Page Couple Album: 120

10x10, 40 Page Couple Album: 160

I have way too many images for my album!

You can add pages!

You can add 10 pages

or 5 spreads for $50

Every 10 pages allows for 40 more images.

You can use the Make A Payment button at the top of the page to pay for your upgrade.

I have selected my images for my album, now what?

The next step is to submit a design form

to Laura so she can go ahead and

design your album for you. 

Here is the form.

Please note that clients who choose a linen or leather cover will have cover design options will be on the final print authorization form.

For clients that would like a photo cover they will be able to select their cover images on the design form and will receive an email with the cover for approval. 

I love my album!
What's next?

If you love your album the final step is to submit a form authorizing your album to go to print.

Here is the form

How do I get my parent albums?

All clients will need follow the exact same steps in order to receive their books in a timely fashion. Clients simply use 3 unique email addresses to log into their galleries and select their images. Please note that email addresses to not have be active emails, they only have be written in an email format (for example All books must complete a pre-design form and print authorization form before shipping.

If you would like two identical parent albums just drop Laura an email and she'll take care of it for you.

I STILL don't get it

If you need a hand, or have a specific question you don't see answered here, drop me a line at: or

give me a call at 361-945-0082.

I'm happy to help!

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