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New wedding film compilation!

Padre Ryan has been busy editing our butts off! What A Year! We welcomed our new baby girl into the world in November we couldn’t have bigger, fuller hearts. Looking back to our packed Fall schedule feels sort of surreal now. I was SO pregnant towards the end; it felt amazing to shoot a wedding sans baby bump after my maternity leave in January. Being able to bend down rules!

South Texas’ big wedding season is Fall. We were so lucky to have our books packed with awesome stories that we are so eager to share with y’all!

Between snuggles with baby, we have been working on wrapping up our 2021 weddings! We’ve updated our video page as well as our YouTube channel with some awesome new wedding films. If you have some time please click the link below and enjoy some of our favorite wedding moments from 2021. Feel free to stay awhile and watch some other videos too! Every day deserves a little romance!

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