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But wait?! Who the heck is Ryan?

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hi! Nice to meet you. I’m Laura, and this is my blog.

After shooting events in South Texas for the past 6 years I have a few thoughts about weddings, events and portrait shoots that I feel might be of help to some of you out there that are just starting their wedding journey or looking at investing in professional photography for the first time. This blog will showcase my photography work and give my thoughts on some of the most commonly asked questions, fears and perhaps share a few horror stories of events gone wrong. Photographs, like weddings, and like the marriages that follow, are an investment. Questions and research are necessary to make sure that you are getting the right photographer for your style and taste and that well-- you actually like them!

So the first question people usually ask is- But your name isn’t Ryan?!

Padre Ryan was owned initially by another person, whose name was Ryan, and with whom I worked with for several years before deciding that I could step it up, invest in myself and take over the photography and videography portion of the company. The Padre part of the name comes from Padre Island, not from any sort of Spanish Priest play on words. The original owner always fancied that it was sort of like “Panama Jack”. At first, taking on the role of business owner was something that terrified and excited me. Now, stepping into year four of this journey I can’t see my life any other way.

I found my way to photography initially by creating images on black and white film in college while completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in my home state of Massachusetts. Once I landed in Texas, I found the landscape and wildlife tremendously compelling. Today, I’m very passionate about portraiture. I find that I enjoy working with people that may have never had a portrait taken, or have never had a photo of themselves that they are proud of and changing that. I believe that Photography has the power to transform. I love the glamour of a bride and groom wearing perhaps the most expensive clothes of their life, at the biggest party they will ever throw. Weddings themselves cease to fascinate me-- whether they are grand or intimate, they are emotional and memorable. They are worth investing in capturing the moment. My goal is to create images to cherish in a three posts a day world.

Thanks to Hannah at XO Studio for this photo of me at

Valley of Fire National Park in Las Vegas, NV

When I am not behind the camera you can find me at the beach, at the movies or walking my rescue dog, Sally, around the block. Or this one time I posed for my friend while we were traveling.

I hope you find this blog helpful, or at least visually attractive. I love questions, especially ones I know the answers to- so feel free to shoot me questions you’d like answered here and I’ll try to tackle them.



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