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Client Tools: Digital Proofing your Wedding Album

You've chosen your favorite photos, filled in the pre-design form and today is the big day! (well the second big day). You opened your inbox and find a email saying "Your Album is Now Ready to view!" What comes next is a little tricky, so read carefully. Please Read The Email. Don't just click the link. Read the text. All of it. Ok, you can click the link first, but don't forget to go back and read the email.

What is so important about this email? Welllll, if you decided to choose a photo cover for the front and back of your album, this email will also have the artwork for you to proof. The proofer will show a blank front and back cover. This is not how it will look when you get it. I do not upload covers to the album proofer for various techie reasons, so please look for the attachments that contain the artwork proof. I do my absolute best to send out everything ready for print, but I do ask that you double check my work by verifying that the names and dates are spelled correctly and that you like the photos you chose now that you are seeing them in the cover format.

Notice no cover on your design link? Visit your email and check for attachments!

Sample cover design for a beach wedding in Corpus Christi, Tx

I like to include some simple directions about the using the Fundy proofer software, and many of my clients find the process intuitive, but just in case you are a visual learner I have made this little video that shows how to navigate the digital proofing process. If you are just simply excited about getting your album too, this is something for you to watch so you can be ready when you get your album proof.

Sample Page from a Wedding Album

Once you have completed the digital proofing process and everything looks fit to print the last step is to fill out the Final Print Authorization Form. For the clients that choose the photo cover, they do not have to fill in the sections on script, texture or color. Those sections are for clients that are choosing leather or linen as their book cover options. Clients with photo covers can leave those unanswered. The form can be found in the original email, or by clicking here.

I get so many texts, phone calls and emails about how much people truly love their albums. They compliment the quality of the album and the joy of re-living such a wonderful day all over again. I choose to include albums as a standard feature in my wedding packages because I believe in every love story. The album is that love story in a binding.

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