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Engagement Sessions: Let your style guide you.

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

One of the most frequently asked questions I hear from couple's is “Where should we shoot our engagement photos?”. There is no answer that fits all! An engagement session is part each couple's unique love story, and should reflect their tastes and sensibilities.

Spanish Romance theme at The Castle at Lake Mathis.

Engagement sessions are a great way to express who you are as a couple. You can be pretty literal (think rival football jerseys), or something something a little more subtle. Iza and Clay decided to a "Spanish Romance" theme which let them feel elegant but with a dash of country. This avoided feeling that like they had to do something too rustic that wasn't really who they were as a couple.

Melissa and John used a custom guitar to highlight their unique story.

One couple had a guitar monogrammed with their names and wedding date. It was a super fun prop for their engagement photos. We were able to use to visually tell their story and create some awesome memories. John also played that very same guitar when he serenaded Melissa on their wedding day!

I usually tell my couples that you don’t have to go ‘themed’ for the entire shoot, but maybe just for a second outfit. If something special that brings you two together don’t be afraid to show it off and get personal for your engagement shoot.

Engagement Session Snuggles in Downtown, Corpus Christi, Tx

For some couples a theme or a place might not come to mind and they just want some nice photos of them in a pretty place. For those folks I usually tell them to let the clothing they like to wear guide them! If you want to wear sweaters and boots, consider scheduling your session in the fall in a “woodsy” area. Here in South Texas we hardly have a fall, and the woods are usually three Live Oak trees in a field--but you get my point. If you love wearing sundresses and cute sandals maybe a summertime shoot is best for you. By using the clothes you feel your best in as a guide, you can often find the season and location for a great engagement session.

Need ideas around Corpus Christi and South Texas for your engagement session or wedding venue? Check out this gallery for ideas!

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