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Ranch Engagement Session

Welcome to South Texas! Bishop, Texas is just a speck on the map between Kingsville (home of the famous King Ranch) and Corpus Christi (home of iconic singer Selena). It may not be a big place but it sure is pretty. Janette- our beautiful bride to be, is a local, growing up in an even smaller sliver of the planet in Ricardo, Texas. I previously thought cattle were the sole residents of Ricardo, but no! There are people too! Corey looks like he could be born in raised on the ranches of the third coast with his hat and boots, but actually hails from North Texas, from a town called Vernon. I have never been to Vernon, Tx, but a little googling tells me it on that falls a little outside Witchita Falls on the route to Amarillo.

How did two people from so far away meet one another? Well, Corey got called down to the coast for work and decided he was looking for someone to keep him company. Enter dating apps! I ask couple's all the time how they met and when they reply bumble or tinder, they look at one another and giggle! There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding your person online! It's really the new normal. These two met on bumble less than two years ago and Corey knew she was the one!

Corey popped the question at Christmas and this couple got to planning! They chose Rancho Cielito Lindo as their venue. The couple liked it so much we did Janette's Bridal Session, their engagement session and their wedding photos there! This venue is great for photos with big mesquite trees and some well placed folksy props. The day of their engagement session the weather was not supposed to be great- but we didn't have enough time before their wedding date to reschedule. We had to make it work! Well those apps are just about as right as the old fashioned weather man (we have one weatherman locally known as Dead Wrong Dale) and we had a great day to shoot! The clouds cleared and blue skies were shining down on all three of us.

This spring in the coastal bend has been a windy and rainy sort of year. Everyone has had trouble keeping up with their grass- and lucky for me that golden grass out at the venue was a perfect place to start this pretty couple's engagement session.

From there we moved to the little white chapel that serves as the ceremony site for many couples that decide to get to get married out at the venue. One great thing about this venue is there are so many ways to be unique! The little chapel is off the charts adorable and has that perfect "small town, big love" vibe that fits so well for these two.

A little stroll out past the gate took us to the back field where I found this big, beautiful live oak tree. The spanish moss that grows in long tendrils off the branches always plays with the light in way that is so romantic.

I hope you enjoyed reading a little about this beautiful couple's story and their engagement session! Feel free to leave me any comments or questions below. I'm still working on their wedding day photos, but make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see when they're fresh out of the editing oven!

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