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Home Session with Baby

Motherhood has changed me.

I have always been a bit sappy, but ever since I became a mom, it's kind of gotten out of control. I have been shooting weddings for years and I would get choked up some of the time. Now, post-baby, I can't make it through the mother/son or father/daughter dance without getting choked up. So I'm going to try to make it through this post without getting too bleary eyed.

I have been so fortunate to be in the company of a few good friends during the early days on my life as a new mom. I was a bit embarrassed that I found myself on the verge of tears as I parted with Kelly and Wayne at the end of their maternity shoot. They were on the brink of entering into a space that I was currently inhabiting, and I couldn't wait for them to experience it all-- from the long nights and heart stopping smiles. Kelly actually gave birth to her beautiful baby boy only 2 days after their maternity session! I reached out and let her know if she needed a friend, day or night (or late late night) I was there for her. I have always considered taking photos an intimate act. It requires a degree of trust for someone to let you capture their image. I sincerely believe it's impossible to take a great photo without the subject revealing themself to the photographer. All that is to say that I feel connected with the people that I photograph, and feel so much of their happiness and sometimes nervousness too.

For years I worked as an assistant to a local newborn photographer. I thought when she retired I might move into that area of portraiture too. But, yeah, it just never clicked for me on my own. I have never been a photographer that loves props or has the crafty sensibility to create custom backdrops that are common in that style of portraiture. However- as you might have guessed with my new baby around I started doing a lot more baby portraits! With more clients and more babies on the way I found myself wanting to document this sweet time with their newborns, but not have to fuss with all the props. So I approached Kelly and Wayne and asked if they would be interested in a Home Session with their newborn. They agreed! I think we are all smitten with the great images from their session. Even better for them, they didn't even have to leave the house!



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