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Selina y Christina's Twin 40th Birthday Shoot

Selina is one of my favorite clients. We've been through a lot! She hired Padre Ryan as her wedding photographer back in 2017, and with her package we shot engagement photos, bridal photos, and their gorgeous fall wedding at The Courtyard at Gaslight Square where her husband had the sweetest dance with his tiny Japanese momma. You'd think that after doing wedding photography for 6 years that moments would blend together or fade, but seriously guys, I remember a lot of the details from every wedding I've ever shot. I'm so good I can generally guess the month that couples were married 4 and 5 years later. I guess that's what happens when I edit wedding images for hours and hours and hours. Faces are burned in my brain. Not creepy at all.....

Now, another milestone. And Selina is in good company. She and her twin sister turned 40 this April! If you haven't seen the memes for how sad March and April babies had it this year, look it up. Covid-19 put the kibosh on any type of celebrating, so these lovelies had to wait until May to have their photo shoot, which like everything else, Corona had to make an appearance.

They decided to embrace the fact that face masks and Corona Virus are everything right now and do a Fiesta themed party shoot complete with balloons, cake, Corona beers, masks and confetti. They even had me take a photo of them posing exactly how they had a photo as kids, just as a comparison photo to see how they have both become so lovely. It was a fun day in the park and a great to celebrate sisterhood and their birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Selina and Christina!

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